Now your donations are tax deductible!

We have finally received approval from the IRS, and are considered a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization! That means every donation that is made is eligible as a tax deduction to charity. We are so proud to be moving forward. 

Additionally, after hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, we are in the process of developing connections so we can also send donations there to help our fellow Americans. We are proud to begin a domestic project to help those children in need. 

We are still holding our Yankee Candle Fall Fundraiser so please check out the items for sale! You can shop through this link: HERE   I have included photos of some awesome items for sale below! Make sure to click through them all.  Remember 40% of every dollar you spend comes to us as a donation. Items are shipped to your home directly from Yankee Candle. 

We Are Making An Impact!

We are making a difference in lives. Here is a video clip from one of the families who received donated items. They live in Caracas, Venezuela and their son is waiting for a much needed liver transplant. 

Many people have asked how they can help.

1. Fundraising is our biggest obstacle. You can donate needed items, or donate funds for us to purchase items though our online donation link.

2. Hold your own fundraiser on our behalf! We can even help by sending you Little Hands International business cards, brochures, or posters! Just let us know!

3. Purchase items though our Yankee Candle fundraiser! We received 40% of everything you spend! Items are quickly and securely shipped to your home. Share our link:

*** please remember all raised funds go towards purchasing and shipping items (with a small overhead cost). All of our staff is 100% volunteer. We do this because of our love for children. Share, promote or support our cause!

-Little Hands International 

Venezuela Needs Our Help More Than Ever

Packing more supplies!

Packing more supplies!

We have been closely following the political situation in Venezuela. The government is fighting to retain control and the people are fighting for democracy. Things are more chaotic than ever. 

With everything going on, its hard to imagine how the babies and children are doing. They are such a vulnerable group to begin with, and they are in need of so much. Those babies and children who need medical attention for acute or chronic illnesses are finding that there is no where to turn. The hospitals are staffed, but there are no supplies. There is no medicine, and they are limited in their access to supplies. 

We are happy to report that our second shipment has finally gone out. We were delayed trying to raise funds for shipping costs, but it resulted in us quadrupling the amount of supplies we have to send! We are sending two large boxes (about 6 cubic feet) which is twice the amount we sent last time. In addition to that, we still have another 2 large boxes of supplies to send! 

We are actively fundraising so that we can continue our work. Locally, we are selling chocolate bars and popcorn to help raise funds. On a larger scale, we are selling t-shirts online and we have struck a deal with Yankee Candle. When you purchase items through the Yankee Candle fundraising website, Little Hands International gets 40% of all sales. 

We are looking to raise as much funding as possible to cover the costs of purchasing supplies and shipping them. We are also accepting donations of tangible supplies. Please support us anyway you can. 

- Little Hands International 

p.s. check out our little video of the kids and dog helping to pack our shipment! HERE 


The Second Shipment is Almost Ready!


We are on the move to get the second shipment of supplies out to the Children's Hospital in Caracas. We have gathered some basic supplies for the babies and children. We still need some more supplies and funding for some last minute items. 

We are still looking for items such as:



Gauze Pads

Alcohol Prep Pads

Blood Collection Needles

We currently have all the items below for our second shipment!


On to Our Second Shipment!

So our first shipment is officially in the mail and on its way. Unfortunately it is going to take about 3 weeks to get there through UPS and ocean freight. We are planning to stagger our shipments so that they will arrive frequently to those who need it. That being said, we are already gathering supplies for our second shipping! 

This time I want to include more medical supplies. Im hoping to get items like sutures, gauze pads, medical tape, syringes, gloves, alcohol pads and anything we can obtain without a prescription. Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be able to help us gather and obtain these items. We would love to by in bulk to obtain the largest discount possible on the items. Of course we will also include some of the same items that we sent out this time (children medicine, diapers, rash cream, etc). 

Thank you to everyone who has helped and donated! 

Our First Shipment!

We are so excited to be sending out our first shipment of supplies to the children today. We were able to use the donations received to purchase a lot of great things! We got diapers, diaper rash cream, burn ointment, Tylenol, Motrin, Benadryl, baby formula, Pediasure,, multivitamins and more! The box weighed over 50lbs!!! Thank you so much for everyone that helped make it possible. 

Please make sure to spread the news with everyone!

First shipment of supplies
Everyone is helping

Our Journey Begins

It all started on a Saturday morning. I was using the early morning hours to catch up on world news before the rest of the house woke up. I had heard about the crisis in Venezuela before, but this morning was a little different. I started reading about the children who were suffering because of the chaos in the country. I started to read about how the Children's Hospitals of Caracas had been attacked and forced to evacuate the sick children. For whatever reason, that was the last straw, my heart broke. 

Perhaps it was because it reminded me of our family's many trips to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, or because I was just being a protective mother, but that day I decided to do something about it. I discussed it with my husband, and our first project was born. 

As things started to grow, we decided that there was such a need throughout the world, we didn't want to stop at Venezuela. Both of us grew up in very loving homes, but we also felt with the effects of poverty. Despite these struggles and disadvantages, my husband and I have been lucky to have found great success in our lives. We decided it was time to give back to communities that needed it now. With that "Little Hands International" was born.