On to Our Second Shipment!

So our first shipment is officially in the mail and on its way. Unfortunately it is going to take about 3 weeks to get there through UPS and ocean freight. We are planning to stagger our shipments so that they will arrive frequently to those who need it. That being said, we are already gathering supplies for our second shipping! 

This time I want to include more medical supplies. Im hoping to get items like sutures, gauze pads, medical tape, syringes, gloves, alcohol pads and anything we can obtain without a prescription. Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be able to help us gather and obtain these items. We would love to by in bulk to obtain the largest discount possible on the items. Of course we will also include some of the same items that we sent out this time (children medicine, diapers, rash cream, etc). 

Thank you to everyone who has helped and donated!