Our Journey Begins

It all started on a Saturday morning. I was using the early morning hours to catch up on world news before the rest of the house woke up. I had heard about the crisis in Venezuela before, but this morning was a little different. I started reading about the children who were suffering because of the chaos in the country. I started to read about how the Children's Hospitals of Caracas had been attacked and forced to evacuate the sick children. For whatever reason, that was the last straw, my heart broke. 

Perhaps it was because it reminded me of our family's many trips to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, or because I was just being a protective mother, but that day I decided to do something about it. I discussed it with my husband, and our first project was born. 

As things started to grow, we decided that there was such a need throughout the world, we didn't want to stop at Venezuela. Both of us grew up in very loving homes, but we also felt with the effects of poverty. Despite these struggles and disadvantages, my husband and I have been lucky to have found great success in our lives. We decided it was time to give back to communities that needed it now. With that "Little Hands International" was born.