Venezuela Needs Our Help More Than Ever

Packing more supplies!

Packing more supplies!

We have been closely following the political situation in Venezuela. The government is fighting to retain control and the people are fighting for democracy. Things are more chaotic than ever. 

With everything going on, its hard to imagine how the babies and children are doing. They are such a vulnerable group to begin with, and they are in need of so much. Those babies and children who need medical attention for acute or chronic illnesses are finding that there is no where to turn. The hospitals are staffed, but there are no supplies. There is no medicine, and they are limited in their access to supplies. 

We are happy to report that our second shipment has finally gone out. We were delayed trying to raise funds for shipping costs, but it resulted in us quadrupling the amount of supplies we have to send! We are sending two large boxes (about 6 cubic feet) which is twice the amount we sent last time. In addition to that, we still have another 2 large boxes of supplies to send! 

We are actively fundraising so that we can continue our work. Locally, we are selling chocolate bars and popcorn to help raise funds. On a larger scale, we are selling t-shirts online and we have struck a deal with Yankee Candle. When you purchase items through the Yankee Candle fundraising website, Little Hands International gets 40% of all sales. 

We are looking to raise as much funding as possible to cover the costs of purchasing supplies and shipping them. We are also accepting donations of tangible supplies. Please support us anyway you can. 

- Little Hands International 

p.s. check out our little video of the kids and dog helping to pack our shipment! HERE