We are dedicated to raising awareness and funds to provide basic necessities to the children of the world. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to help children in need. We are dedicated to funding projects which aim to provide basic necessities to children who otherwise would not have access to them. Our focus is on providing first aid supplies, basic hygiene necessities, food and educational materials to children. 

As an organization, we aim to achieve our goals with the help of charitable donations. We are constantly fundraising so that we can gather needed supplies and deliver them to identified communities and children's hospitals. We personally deliver supplies or funds to those who need it most. When this is not possible we work with other charitable organizations who assist us with the shipping and distribution process. 

We are comprised of 100% volunteers. That means that 100% of all donations and money raised goes directly towards helping children. Little Hands International accepts tangible donations as well as monetary donations. Please contact us directly if you are interested in holding a fundraiser.